MATEL Service

The design of systems by and for Signage profesionnals

MATEL created MATEL Service to provide signage professionals with part-assembled lighting systems, made according to their specifications, and with the high standard of construction demanded by professionals.

All these systems are made to your colour and size specifications. It only remains for you to customize the display visuals before installation.

Today, the strength of the MATEL Service relies in its ability to respond quickly to your requests while offering the highest quality products. Most of the products on offer are manufactured and delivered to the carrier within 48 hours.

Caissons Droits Simple Face
Flat Cabinets - Single-Sided
Caissons Droits Double Face
Flat Cabinets - Double-Sided
Caissons galbés 43mm - simple face
Curved Cabinets 43mm -
Caissons galbés 125mm - simple face
Curved Cabinets 125mm -
Caissons toile tendue PETAL - simple face
Petal - Single-Sided
Caissons toile tendue SIGN COMP
Sign Comp - Flexible Face
Coated Woven Fabric
Kit Pré-Enseigne
Basic Sign Kit
Tôle Tablette
Sign Boards
Eclairage Linéaire Monoline
Linear Lighting - Monoline
Eclairage Linéaire Duoline
Linear Lighting - Duoline